Big Trails Natural Beef


About Our Beef


At Big Trails Natural Beef, we strive to provide the highest quality grass fed, grass finished beef at reasonable prices.


Purchasing from a locally-owned, small business affords our customers the opportunity to meet the family that handles the livestock, (we deliver every local order personally), and it lets you know exactly where the food on your table is coming from. Having a small herd allows us to put in the extra effort to bring our customers a quality product that we are proud of.



Mountain Pasture

We run our cattle on mountain pasture during the summer where it is cool and there is plenty of grass.


No Hormones, No Antibiotics

We don't use them, we don't need them.  We strive to keep our animals as healthy as possible. This keeps us from needing hormones and antibiotics.  Hormones are usually given to help gain weight and grow, but a good nutrition program does the same thing.  Antibiotics are needed when an animal gets sick and a good nutrition program helps with that, too.  This is not to say that we would let an animal suffer if they are sick.  If we have a sick steer, we will take care of it and nurse it back to health and if that means using antibiotics, we won't hesitate.  However, if they are given a dose of any antibiotic, they won't be sold to you.



Green, growing grass is the best thing for cows.  It's that simple.  Where we are in Wyoming, that just doesn't last forever.  The summer gets dry and so does the grass.  Then winter arrives and there isn't enough grass to keep steers growing and cows healthy enough to face another year of raising a calf.  This is why we supplement.  We provide mineral, salt, and hay to cattle as needed to help them perform.  Sometimes we add Flaxlic, a flax based supplement, to help as well.


Taking care of our animals takes care of us.  We strive to provided a humane environment for our cattle to live.  It's a fact that happy cows are easier on the owners and better for the customer.  An unhappy, abused animal can be dangerous and will not perform like we need our animals to perform.  We try to use safe and effective cattle handling techniques that are low stress for the cattle and keep us all safe and happy.


Family History


Since 1889...

The Greet family moved to the Ten Sleep area in 1889.  Originally miners, they took up residence at a ranch about 10 miles away from Greet Ranch, Inc.'s current location.  After 20 years, they bought the "home place" where Greet Ranch is now headquartered.  A ranch that had been started by two brothers has now evolved into an operation where four generations are now working.  My grandfather, father, mother, brother and I now work the ranch with my sister helping whenever she is able.  My brother and I both have families that help out, too.  Our wives help a great deal of the time and our children are always willing to come along for the next adventure.  

This ranch is a legacy that was built by our family and we hope to hand it down to future generations.  However, Greet Ranch, Inc. and Big Trails Natural Beef are two separate companies with two separate goals.  Greet Ranch, Inc. raises high quality, all natural yearlings that are sold each year to feeders.  Big Trails Beef is a much smaller project that Megan and I took on in addition to the ranch when our neighbors offered us a lease on their cattle.  It has been a great adventure taking our beef direct to consumers.


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Our beef is raised in the Big Horn Mountains, free of added antibiotics and hormones.  To learn more, please subscribe to our blog.




Brandon and Megan Greet met at the University of Wyoming in 2008 while they were attending college.  After Brandon received a Bachelor of Science in Agroecology and a Master of Science in Agronomy from the University of Wyoming, he and Megan returned to Ten Sleep.  Brandon took a job as an Extension educator for Washakie County for a short period before returning to the family ranch full-time.  Now Brandon and Megan have two children: a boy, Quinlan, and a girl, Lorelei.