Family History


Since 1889...

The Greet family moved to the Ten Sleep area in 1889.  Originally miners, they took up residence at a ranch about 10 miles away from Greet Ranch, Inc.'s current location.  After 20 years, they bought the "home place" where Greet Ranch is now headquartered.  A ranch that had been started by two brothers has now evolved into an operation where four generations are now working.  My grandfather, father, mother, brother and I now work the ranch with my sister helping whenever she is able.  My brother and I both have families that help out, too.  Our wives help a great deal of the time and our children are always willing to come along for the next adventure.  

This ranch is a legacy that was built by our family and we hope to hand it down to future generations.  However, Greet Ranch, Inc. and Big Trails Natural Beef are two separate companies with two separate goals.  Greet Ranch, Inc. raises high quality, all natural yearlings that are sold each year to feeders.  Big Trails Beef is a much smaller project that Megan and I took on in addition to the ranch when our neighbors offered us a lease on their cattle.  It has been a great adventure taking our beef direct to consumers.