October Showers Bring Down Cow...ers

First off, thank you to everyone that ordered beef. We are excited to be bringing that to you soon. If you missed out, there will be another delivery of beef in December. Get your orders in now so you don’t let that slip by! In normal ranch news, it’s getting colder and stormier. This means it’s time for the cows to come down off the mountain. Yes, we even got a little bit of snow up there. We try to bring them down before a storm comes that brings lots of snow.


On Friday we gathered them and we brought them down on Saturday. I dressed for winter because I didn’t know what to expect, but as we came down the mountain it turned into a very pleasant day. As the afternoon progressed, it began to turn cloudy and a cold breeze started. Luckily for us, this was at the end of our trail.


This journey down the mountain is quite a big different from the trails throughout the summer. There are no calves at the sides of the cows. They can just go at there own pace without worrying about where the calves are and we don’t have to worry about the calves running back because they don’t know where their mommas are. Also, it’s downhill and that is a big switch from the consistently upward trails that we do all summer long.


There are still some cows that are partway up the mountain that need to come down, but it’s a big relief to have these girls off of the top. The Big Trails herd will stay part way up the mountain for a while yet. Slowly, we are getting ready for winter and it looks like winter is getting ready to come here. How about you? Are you ready for winter?

by Brandon Greet

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