Follow the Leader

A couple weeks ago I talked about testing hay for the cows’ diet. While most of the cows are still out in the badlands, the Big Trails cows are now in the field eating hay. Last Saturday we brought them in and started feeding them.


These girls stayed up on the mountain a little longer than the others and lost some body condition. We kept them closer in so that as the feed got worse, we could gather them and give something to increase their body condition.


It was a fairly easy gather as they were all close to the gate and when they saw that we had brought hay, they were very excited. The kids got to come along since it was a weekend. They had a good time exploring with their mom while I gathered the cows. After they were all together, Megan and the kids led them home with the “bait” while I followed.  It may not be the most cowboy way of doing things, but it sure went smoothly.

by Brandon Greet

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