Meet the Greets

Thus far in the short time we have had, we haven't addressed the fact that most of you might not personally know us. While most of our posts here will be centered on the cattle and the operations that keep things running on the place, today I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the family.

We are a small family unit, Brandon, Megan (me), Quinlan, and Lorelei make up the immediate family and operators of Big Trails Natural Beef. While Brandon and I, (but mostly Brandon) do most of the heavy lifting, our smaller counterparts are not to be overlooked. They are eager to help in any way they can and keep us on our toes along the way.


Our son, Quinlan, is great at helping Dad pitch hay and gather cows on one of the ranches faithful "steeds." He has decided already he's going to be a rancher, a heart-warming thought at his age but we remind him that he doesn't have to decide anything quite yet. He's a ball of energy and is always dying to try anything new. Recently he had a go at skiing and we are afraid we've created a monster. 


Lorelei, the youngest of the crew, can't be beat when it comes to spunk. She's a go-er that is always trying to keep up with her brother and older cousins, sometimes to her own detriment. Just like her brother anything new is an exciting challenge she's going to conquer. (She also was a fan of skiing, even if it did wear her out pretty quickly.) She is an awesome beef-delivery buddy and before we know it she will be a regular hand on the place.

Brandon and I started our venture a few years ago and while we've had some speed bumps along the way, we are pretty happy with the way things are going. Every day is a learning experience and we do our best to keep up with the constant challenges that this business brings us. Brandon has a head for business and has helped me learn a bit more about that side of things. As a fourth generation rancher on the Greet Ranch, this little side business draws heavily on all the things Brandon has learned over the past 28 years. Brandon handles the every day chores and I try to help whenever I can, even when its just making sure he's fed at night and the kids are happy and healthy. While my part of the job isn't quite as compelling as the constant handling of livestock, I strive to do it well and I do get out of the house to give a hand whenever I'm needed. As you will hear more from Brandon about the many responsibilities of a rancher to his land and cattle, I'll chime in every once in a while to give my perspective on the story. 


And no ranch crew would be complete without a few furry friends to help, or hinder, the goings on. Gemma is our not-ranchdog. She's a boxer-mix we adopted when she and Quinlan were about two. She wants to go all day, every day and while she's not always a huge help she is always happy to be there. We couldn't have asked for a better family dog. She gets regular maulings from the kiddos and does her best to fight them off with kisses. Jekyll is our pup, who's now two, and a real-ranchdog. Brandon works with him on the cows and he's usually helpful, but puppies will be puppies and he just hasn't quite outgrown that stage yet. I think he mauls the kids with love more than they do him. After that, we have a couple of barn cats that are new additions and friendly enough for barn cats. Despite the kids' constant displays of over-affection they have yet to bite or scratch, which is pretty good for a cat in my book!

So now you have a glimpse at our little life here on the place. We are incredibly grateful to be afforded the opportunity to live where we do and give our children the kind of upbringing that, in my opinion, is second-to-none. We are surrounded by amazing family members who help out whenever they can and great neighbors who will do the same. Blessed is the best word to describe it. 


by Megan Greet

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