A Whirlwind

It has been another busy one!  Gathering the badlands, branding, and a tornado somewhere between my house and my brother's kept us busy.  The last of calves have been branded now and we are moving cows to their spring breeding pasture the next few days.  We split them into different pastures and put bulls in so there will be about a 25:1 ratio.


You need your trusty animals!  Gathering isn't just a big day for us, our horses and dogs get worn out too.  You can see some excitement from the blue roan because he is seeing some other horses that he has been away from for a while and Jekyll found a place to nap on the 4-wheeler.

The storm will give us some extra work and hurt us down the road.  The hail damaged hay, the siding on our house and a few dents in the pickup.  The electric company had their work cut out for them when the wind took out a power pole.  A tree is down in my grandfather's back yard.  We are caught up in the whirlwind of work and this storm was a very unwelcome surprise.  If you missed pictures of the storm, make sure to check them out at Red Dirt In My Soul.  They are better than anything that I have, I was hiding in a pickup from the hail and couldn't hardly see what was going on!

I hope that all of you have stayed safe in your own pieces of the world and this next one is wonderful.  Here is one last photo before I head to bed.  It is of the cows when they arrived from the badlands waiting for the gate to be opened.


by Brandon Greet

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