Cow Work in the New Year

2019 is in full swing now. I hope you all have learned to write the correct date by now. I sure haven’t, but I’ll get there. We’re back into working cows this week. It started with kicking the cows further into the badlands, then vaccinating heifers, and today we gathered and sorted calves for the upcoming week.

The cows in the badlands had come in to the fence after the snow storm. They thought that they would rather stand in the field and eat hay if the weather was going to drop that much snow on them. Looking at the forecast, however, we decided they could stay out and find grass. While many of them agreed with us and went back to grazing, some of them needed a little encouragement. We went and gathered those that were standing along the fence and trailed them to a part of the pasture that has a lot of grass. They seem to be happy out there and haven’t tried to walk back in. I think they are enjoying this mild weather, too.


The coming 2 year old heifers were next on the schedule. They needed to move from one pasture to another to make room for when the cows have to come in. It was also time for them to get their shots. Since they will be first time mommas soon, they needed to be vaccinated for scours. It helps to prevent their calves from getting sick with pass through immunity from colostrum. They were also poured with a parasiticide to get rid of any worms or lice that they may have. We want them to be in perfect health for their first baby.


Today we brought the calves to the corral and sorted heifers from steers because this week we will be vaccinating heifer calves against brucellosis, but tomorrow is a big day for us. Tomorrow we get to deliver beef. We really appreciate all of you that have bought beef from us and we hope you really enjoy it. I had better get some rest because it will be a big day!


by Brandon Greet

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