Spring Play

Sorry we are a day late, The internet did not want to cooperate last night.

It’s good to see some warm weather and we aren’t the only ones that think so! If you have ever been exhausted and just wanting a minute to relax, this mama can relate:

Sometimes kids just want to play! And your level of exhaustion bears absolutely no weight on their decision. It’s great to watch the calves romp and play, it lets us know they are feeling healthy and happy, which is how we like our cows. With everyone enjoying the warm spring weather it’s hard to see the forecasted temperatures go down and add rain and snow mixes for the next few days. While the temps are lower we will cling to the memories of warmer days and the hope that there are more to come. Hoping the weather where you are is warm and spring-like! Let us know how you’re faring in the comments.