Things aren’t slowing down around here. That’s for sure. However, they did slow down for me for a few days. Last Sunday while I was tagging calves I managed to stab myself with a syringe full of vaccine that we give to newborns. Not sure how much I gave myself, but it was enough.

This is the part where I should warn you not to read further if you don’t like hearing about others’ injuries. I won’t get too involved, but I managed to push the 16 gauge 3/4 inch needle through my ring finger. I cleaned it and thought that it would be okay. Monday morning I figured out that it wouldn’t be. A staph infection had taken hold. The doctor put me on IV antibiotics for a few days and now I am oral antibiotics for a while longer. The finger is working on getting back to its normal size and the swelling has gone out of my hands.

If you’re wanting to see the damage there is a picture below. The puncture and exit wounds can’t be seen in this one. It’s times like this that I’m thankful for my family. They really stepped up take care of me and all of my work. My wife has especially put in the overtime taking care of me, helping with my work, and still doing everything she normally has to do. Hopefully, I have my stupid mistakes out of the way for a while. I hope you haven't made any of your own lately.


by Brandon Greet

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