Whoops pt. 2

So, it turnout that if you get an infection in your finger, it can be fairly painful. It also turns out that you can use your hand too much, two weeks after you first stab yourself, but before it is completely healed. If you do this, the infection can come back worse than before (and more painful). And you also should know that there are lots of nerves, an artery, joints, and tendons in a finger. Those tendons are important because the infection can use them as a road to cruise right up your finger to your hand an up your arm.

Now that you know all this, I can tell you that if this happens, you need to have your finger and hand cut open and “irrigated” to get rid of the infection. Luckily, it did’nt take the drive clear up my arm. I am typing to you one-handed right now, though. And I don’t have a whole lot to tell you about because I have been doing paperwork and resting. I’ll be back out there soon with something to report, but I’m planning on doing a better job healing first. So I hope you all are doing well and staying safe.


by Brandon Greet

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