Happy Anniversary

Today wrapped up a long week of riding for us. It started with gathering the badlands for several days, then we branded the calves that we had gathered and sorted them with there mothers to different breeding pastures.  Finally, we finished by putting bulls with them in each pasture. 


Today started a little chillier than we have been used to. I knew yesterday wasn’t warm, but I didn’t think we would have frost the 9th of June!  I even made the mistake of stepping onto the deck in my bare feet this morning. After a quick slip on the frost, I moved pretty fast getting my feet back into the warm house.


We then went down and saddled up, gathered and sorted off a few things that we didn’t want to take with us. It took us a while to get ready to trail the cows, but the cool weather helped keep them moving forward.


We trailed up Willow Creek, which was actually running quite a bit of water. Usually, it isn’t much of a creek when we do this so it was fun to see water seeping out of the draws. Six inches of rain in May makes things look a lot different.


After the cows were paired into their pasture, we went to the bull pasture and gathered the bulls we hadn’t managed to already get situated and put them in our branding pen. We loaded them in trailers and took them to the cows. They have some beautiful green grass this spring and everything seems excited to be out on it.

I need to wish my beautiful wife a Happy Anniversary. Not every woman would be willing to spend their anniversary moving cows and working bulls, but Megan always jumps right into it.

by Brandon Greet