I wouldn’t call it a “man shed” or a “she shed,” but maybe a “min shed?” It is for mineral after all. And fencing supplies. And an ATV sometimes. Dad’s winter project is a structure with many purposes. He finally got it moved up the mountain a couple weeks ago. Then I went up and helped him put it on concrete blocks and fill it with salt and mineral. Yesterday, Quinlan and I went back up to add to the dwindling supply. We added another ton of sack salt to the shed to keep from running out.


We also took a tour around the pasture to make sure the calves are staying healthy. Even though we try to keep them fed with a lot of salt and mineral, it seems like this is the time of year that calves get sick. The high elevation and decreasing feed value of the late summer grasses are probably partly to blame. The cows do look like they are happy with the tall grass and cooler mountain weather. We only found one calf that was sick and doctored him. I hope they all stay healthy from here on out.

And don’t worry, though this looks like a picture of a sick or dead dog on the front of my four-wheeler, it’s just what Jekyll looks like after you stop petting him.


by Brandon Greet

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