Little Branding

On Monday we decided to brand the Big Trails Beef calves. It was just a quick evening branding for a small bunch of calves. It took quite a bit of help from my family and neighbors. Even a little bunch has quite a few jobs. Mom and Dad branded, one neighbor roped, one wrestled, my brother wrestled, Megan gave shots (nobody is ready for me to vaccinate again), and I ear notched. We can’t forget the kids: Quinlan, Lorelei, and my nephew all jumped in to help. My brother and neighbor were really good about letting them get in and hold the calves with them.


It is their first round of vaccinations since birth and it’s important to help prevent sickness through the summer. These vaccines are only 60-70% effective on the first vaccination, but that is boosted to about 90% with the second round of the same vaccine. That means this round is really important to set them up for their midsummer dose and prepare them for the high elevation and cooler weather that comes with late summer and fall. They will also get a third dose prior to weaning that prepares them for the stress of weaning.


A big thank you to everyone that came and helped us brand our little bunch of calves and an even bigger Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there. I am incredibly fortunate to have a wonderful mother and have a wife that is an excellent mother to our two calf wrestlers.


by Brandon Greet