Between the Rain

We were scheduled to brand our first big bunch of calves yesterday, but instead we watched as we got about 1.6” of rain. We had gathered the cows in the rain and fog on Friday in anticipation of a Saturday branding. For some places an inch and a half of rain isn’t much, but around here it’s a whole lot. It pretty well soaked everything so we didn’t think that we could brand calves today either. 


After some debate we decided to try it out. It’s nice to have good neighbors who after you tell them you’re branding then you aren’t, then tomorrow, but no, then yes, we are branding in an hour still manage to come help out. The calves were dry so we could brand, but the ground was a little quite wet. The crew did a great job of keeping the calves out of the mud so the brands could go on clean.


I didn’t stop during the branding to take any pictures (we wanted to move along pretty fast in case the rain showed up) so instead you get one of Gemma. She was staring out the window watching the rain and if I had to guess this would be her “I’m not impressed” face. There should be plenty of moisture in the ground after this week to grow some good grass though.

How about you? Have spring showers been interrupting your plans?

by Brandon Greet