Summer is Just Getting Fired Up


It just isn’t really summer until we have a fire (I guess). So now we can say that summer is here for sure. The 90+ degree days and afternoon thunderstorms are a dead give away. My dad and I were the first ones to get there, but we were quickly joined by various neighbors and eventually the BLM as well.

It was only a couple of miles away from our house, so the drive time for me was pretty short. However, there was absolutely no way to drive a vehicle near enough to the flames to do any good. Actually, it was a pretty good hike with a lot of steep draws to traverse. Chainsaws and shovels were the tools of the day. That is, until the helicopter showed up. Turns out that’s a lot less work for us guys on the ground.

The good news is, it was small. The fire probably wasn’t going to spread anywhere, but we put it out quickly just the same. Several junipers were burnt down, but I don’t think anyone will miss them.

by Brandon Greet